How To Assemble And Use – BaitFuel Injector

The BaitFuel Injector Kit allows you to “fuel inject” BaitFuel fish attractant into any soft plastic you fish with. Injecting the scent directly into the soft plastic adds more BaitFuel into the bait and allows it to slowly disperse from the puncture hole-increasing the amount of scent your bait releases and supercharging your baits with even more BaitFuel.

What Does BaitFuel Look Like Underwater?

We added a glow die to show how BaitFuel disperses underwater. Imagine your favorite bait, throwing a juicing cheeseburger in front of your fish.

BaitFuel – Get More Bites

For years, the ingredients in scent & attractants have sounded like they belong in the kitchen not on the water; Garlic, Black Licorice, Coffee and more have all been used in baits, sprays and gels without the science to back them up.

BaitFuel Triggers More Bites | BaitFuel

BaitFuel keeps fish biting, cast after cast, even on pressured bass by creating a scent cloud behind your bait. BaitFuel expands your strike zone and brings more fish to your bait. Now you can purchase your favorite soft plastics with BaitFuel infused directly into your bait OR apply it directly to what you’ve got tied on.

Developed In The Lab | The Science Behind Baitfuel

Baitfuel – The Bass Fishing Test | Proving Grounds

Does The “Bait Fuel” Scent Live Up To All The Hype Around It?

Randy does a review on the Baitfuel hype and discusses whether he believes that lives up to all the hype…

This is Going to CHANGE Bass Fishing as we Know it

From the lab to your tackle box the latest in bass attractant has a whole new definition. Bait Fuel from American Baitworks is not your traditional scent – the Bait Fuel formula literally triggers bass to feed and become aggressive. It is going to change bass fishing as we know it. You can either use it as an additive to the soft plastic lures you’re using right now or you can find it pre injected in Net Bait and Set the Hook soft plastics.

The Science Behind BaitFuel

BaitFuel is scientifically proven to make fish bite and keep biting – cast after cast! Fish Active Scent Technology (FAST) stimulates fish predator instinct.