How BaitFuel Disperses Underwater

Injector setup instructions

1. Twist off injector cap

2. Remove injector needles and scent canister nozzle from injector tube.

3. Remove scent canister sticker and cap and dispose.

4. Add scent canister nozzle by pushing down until it pops into place by the two notches.

5. Slide a full BaitFuel scent canister into injector tube with the nozzle facing the opposite direction of plunger.

6. Screw injector cap back on.

7. Twist the plunger to the “closed” position. Reference top of plunger. Do not press down while twisting.

8. Add needle with safety cap on and apply pressure. Safety cap must be on to allow enough pressure to keep needle on.

9. Remove safety cap and unlock plunger by turning counterclockwise into inject BaitFuel to your favorite baits.

Reusing Scent Canisters

1. Remove empty scent canister from injector tube.

2. Remove scent canister nozzle.

3. Push piston back to bottom of canister using a rod like object.

4. Refill canister with BaitFuel gel scent attractant.

5. Add scent canister nozzle.

6. Install refilled scent canister back into injector.