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BaitFuel is available in Gel and baits right now! Visit your favorite tackle retailer’s website to see our complete line-up of baits.

We want every angler to get more bites! BaitFuel Gel is available now – visit to shop now

BaitFuel gel will work with any soft plastic bait. We recommend marinating your baits in BaitFuel prior to going fishing to maximize the benefit of the x55 FAST formula.

BaitFuel is a clear substance. Integrated within our NetBait & STH soft plastics you won’t notice any difference from a traditional soft plastic – except getting more bites! BaitFuel gel is also a clear gel and won’t stain hands or carpet.

We developed BaitFuel specifically to attract fish. As an angler, you won’t notice a heavy scent from BaitFuel. BaitFuel is a water-based technology and disperses in water not in the air. You may smell a slight scent when you open the package, but that’s it!

We wanted to develop a scent that REALLY works based on science in a lab with extensive research, development and testing. Technology propels our sport at an ever-increasing pace. Faster motors, better graphs, line and lure innovation all designed to put more fish in the boat. Now, American Baitworks is bringing technology and innovation to the biggest mystery in fishing: SCENT.